Welcome to Smithdown

It is up to us to make sure we keep the area livable. Not the City Council. Us.

Stop the Rot

If we do not act, the whole area (and eventually the city) will end up like this. It happened in Detroit.

So Do Something!

Become active. Report.

Historic Buildings

Listed Buildings, Landmarks, Historic Villages. It's all here.

How Smithdown Road could look

Our own version of the Kurf├╝rstendamm?

Connected City

We are a good gateway for the rest of the North.

Becoming the Destination

Sefton Park is an amazing resource. An oasis of greenspace in the heart of a major city.

Boutique but with local character

Amazing venues in our neighbourhood

Sefton Park PalmHouse

This amazing resource lay derelict for decades. Let us make sure we don't repeat such mistakes

What could be...

Imagination can yield outsized outcomes.

Better use of resources

We have some amazing venues and spaces here.

We live in an area that could actually be so much better than we currently find it.

We just have to make sure we continue to care and never give up the fight. The system works best as more data is recorded. It allows us to map details of bad behaviour or problems in both time and space. You are not alone.

Report. Report. Report!